New Hard Waste disposal arrangements now apply

Collection of hard waste will no longer occur in the village

Hard waste is now being managed by FCRM at the Snow Clearing Depot at Howmans Gap.

This facility will be open for Falls Creek stakeholder/resident disposal of hard waste as outlined below:

  • 12pm - 4pm
  • On the last Sunday of every month
  • From October to May

An attendant will be on-site during these times to receive and process your hard waste.

The first available date for disposal of hard waste is Sunday 24th January 2021.

Hard waste charges may apply, depending on the nature of the waste being disposed. If your hard waste is recyclable, NO CHARGES APPLY.

Please do not place hard waste on the roadside or next to the rubbish hutches. FCRM is no longer collecting hard waste from the village precinct. Additional charges and infringements will apply for the dumping of rubbish in this manner.

The hard waste changes are being made to:

  • Incentivise further recycling of waste
  • Allow broader access to hard waste disposal
  • Provide more flexibility to stakeholders for hard waste disposal timing
  • Improve the village amenity during summer periods

More detail including charges, acceptable waste and other operational constraints can be found by clicking the button below;

Please note there are no changes to the domestic waste, recycling and organic programs or to the green waste collection program.

We look forward to working with the local community to further improve the waste management outcomes for the resort.

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