The Falls Creek Alpine Resort Management Board is accountable for the development, promotion, management, and use of Falls Creek’s 1,535 hectares and operates under the Alpine Resorts (Management) Act.

The Board is responsible for ensuring the Falls Creek resort is available for alpine recreation and tourism throughout all seasons and accessible to persons from varied cultural and economic groups. The Board also ensures management of the resort is undertaken in a manner which is respectful of the alpine environment and economically, ecologically, and culturally sustainable.


The Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, The Hon. Lily D’Ambriosio MP has endorsed the release of the Alpine Resorts Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025 – Responding to a Changing Climate, the notice of which was tabled in the Victorian Government Gazette on 7 May 2020.

The development of this strategic plan was informed by the findings from the review of the 2012 Alpine Resorts Strategic Plan: “Future strategic planning should be focused on establishing a flexible and collective approach among alpine sector stakeholders to implement the strategic priorities for alpine resorts set by the Victorian Government. This must be underpinned by a consultation process that is truly collaborative and re-establishes buy-in and ownership among key government and non-government stakeholders”

Alpine Resorts Strategic Plan 2020-2025

In June 2020, the Victorian Government released its new framework for the development, promotion, management and use of Victorian alpine resorts. The vision for the Alpine Resorts is:

“The Victorian alpine resorts achieve their potential as thriving and sustainable destinations for mountain activities and nature-based tourism”.

The plan outlines six strategic objectives: The Plan also provides specific actions to be undertaken to deliver on the above Strategic Objectives.

ARCC_StratPlan_Strategic Objectives

Ministerial Directive & Instrument of Appointment

The functions and responsibilities of Alpine Resort Management Boards are set out in the Alpine Resorts (Management) Act 1997. The Falls Creek Alpine Resort Management Board operates under Ministerial Direction as directed by Lily D'Ambrosio, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change.

Ministerial Direction - March 2020 >


The Board meets regularly and operates with a Committee structure as detailed below to meet accepted principles of good governance and compliance requirements and to assist with the work of management and the Board.

The announcement for the new Board appointment in June 2021 can be viewed by clicking here >>


The Board meets regularly and operates with a Committee structure as detailed below to meet accepted principles of good governance and compliance requirements and to assist with the work of management and the Board.

Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

The primary objective of the Finance, Risk and Audit Committee (FRAC) is to assist the Board to fulfil its corporate governance and oversight responsibilities relating to financial accounting practices, risk management, internal control systems, external reporting and the internal and external audit function.

All the Committee are independent, non-executive members. The FRAC has appropriate financial and industry expertise, and members are financially literate and have an appropriate understanding of the operation of the Resort Management Board.
Membership for the 2017 year included:

  • Sue Lebish (Chair)
  • Helen Moran
  • Jo Shannon

FRAC Duties and Responsibilities: The FRAC has a range of duties and responsibilities to fulfil as a Committee of the Board. In summary, these duties include:

  1. reviewing the program and the audits conducted both by the organisation’s internal and external auditors;
  2. maintaining open lines of communication with the Board, the internal auditors and the external auditors;
  3. reviewing the financial information to be presented by management to the Department of Environment, Land, Water
    and Planning (DELWP);
  4. reviewing the adequacy of internal controls;
  5. oversight of compliance and recommendations to the Board as to appropriate policies and governance; and
  6. reviewing the Risk Management Framework and critical risks from the Risk Register.

During 2017, FCRM brought the financial systems back within the resort’s internal management. Substantial work and effort was directed to embed and streamline processes, ensure security of systems, implement concise reporting and bring policies operating within the organisation up to date. Further refinement will continue in 2018.

Planning and Land Management Committee

This committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities relating to planning and land management within the resort.
Membership during 2017 included:

  • Jason Alexandra (Chair)
  • Sue Lebish
  • Michelle Croughan


Arts and Cultural Development Committee

This committee was formed to 2016 to develop an arts and culture strategy to connect key points identified in the Falls Creek Master Plan. The committee oversees the implementation of this strategy which provides a clear framework for development of arts and culture in the resort.

  • Lindy Allen (Chair)
  • Peter Valerio
  • Lisa Logan
  • Debbie Howie (Falls Creek Chamber of Commerce representative)
  • Karen Smythe (Falls Creek Historical Society representative)


Remuneration Committee

This Committee’s responsibilities related to the appointment and performance of the Chief Executive and executive remuneration policies, reporting and performance. Membership during 2017 included:

  • Helen Moran (Chair)
  • Sure Lebish
  • Jason Alexandra
  • Jo Shannon