Falls Creek Alpine Resort Management Board have developed a new Board Policy for Falls Creek Stakeholders experiencing financial hardship due to coronavirus.

The purpose of this policy is to enable stakeholders experiencing financial hardship due to coronavirus to make application to the Falls Creek Alpine Resort Management Board (‘the Board’) for assistance relating to site rental and/or service charges levied on a property under the Alpine Resorts (Management) Act 1997 (‘the Act’). This policy is an extension of the Board’s existing debtors’ policy and existing internal debt management procedures. This will have a specific hardship work practice that will be abolished when this policy is deemed to be abolished.

The key objectives of this policy are to;

  • Provide a mechanism that enables stakeholders to feel comfortable in approaching the Board on outstanding levies;
  • Encourage a consistent and proactive approach in assisting stakeholders who may be experiencing difficulty in paying levies;
  • Reduce default and lease legal proceedings; and
  • Maximise:
    • Consistent and transparent decision making; and
    • Compliance with legislation and good governance practices.

The Board’s policy intends to respectfully and compassionately support resort stakeholders once they have been identified as being in financial hardship through the implementation of a Financial Hardship Program. This Program will:

  • Treat lessees with sensitivity and empathy
  • Negotiate payment arrangements that are fair, flexible and affordable
  • Review agreements regularly
  • Maintain strong relationships with community stakeholders
  • Not write-off debts however provide support in flexible payment arrangements or instalment plans


Please find the associated Board Policy, Work Practice and Application Form on the Board Policies page.

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