Winter 2020 Living Bin Program

Dear Falls Creek Stakeholders,

Welcome back for Winter 2020, as season which, as we are all aware is shaping up to be one unlike any before.

I am pleased to be back on board as Living Bin Champion for a third season, and am touching base to let you all know that the Environmental Team has been working to ensure we are fully able to support your business to continue to separate your waste efficiently and effectively in line with any operational changes you may be undergoing due to current guidelines and restrictions.

This year, my role will primarily entail communications, information and resource requests and support. Naomi Monk, FCRM’s Environment Officer, will be handling any on-the-ground and face-to-face support. This means that you can communicate any concerns, queries or requests to me and as necessary, I will liaise with Naomi to coordinate any meetings, deliveries etc. you may require.

Due to current restrictions on the number of patrons able to dine in at pubs, restaurants and cafes, it is likely there will be more meals being eaten by guests in their accommodation, both self-catered and as takeaway from food and beverage providers. We will be working with businesses to provide educational resources for their staff and patrons around the appropriate disposal of food packaging, however this change may also place an increased responsibility on accommodation providers to ensure that the necessary information and resources are in place for their guests to be able to do this in their accommodation. Naomi and I will work with each of you to establish your individual needs and limitations, and develop a strategy for the implementation of the Living Bin program in your establishment. Please respond to this email to advise of your resource requirements (outlined below) and whether you require an on-site visit so that we can arrange these for you as soon as possible. 

Rubbish bags continue to be available from 4SITE and will be delivered by the freight team on request. Please contact them directly by texting 0437 306 799 with your name/business name, location and order Red (for general waste), Recycle, Large organic (bags for buckets) and Small Organic (bags for caddies).

As always, 7L bench-top caddies (for domestic and accommodation settings) and 20L buckets (for commercial/high-volume settings) are available free of charge. FCRM are offering stainless steel bench-top canisters for sale at $35 (including GST), see here if you would prefer this style of collection container for your space. In addition to this, the following FREE resources are available on request:

  • Postcard-size magnets outlining what can be placed in the Organics bin – these are great for accommodation settings, and can be placed on the stainless steel canisters or on fridges;
  • A4 posters outlining what can be placed in each of the Organics, Recycling and General Waste bins, with updated versions arriving mid-winter;
  • A3 poster explaining the Living Bin program;
  • Translated versions of all posters in both Mandarin and Hindi arriving mid-winter;
  • We will work with businesses both individually and collectively to ascertain the types of packaging being used for takeaway food and beverages, to develop and provide signage advising of correct disposal; and
  • We will work with businesses to develop appropriate information and training packages for hospitality and cleaning staff with regard to waste separation.

With everyone washing their hands more than ever, one important consideration is that paper towel CAN be placed in the Living Bin. With this in mind, please consider ways in which to separate your paper towel in hand-washing areas from general waste, e.g. kitchen signage advising that paper towel should be placed in the Organics bucket rather than general waste and using clear bags to line the bins in shared bathrooms. Additional buckets can be provided as needed. Please note however that if paper towel is being used for cleaning in combination with any chemicals such as surface sprays, these can NOT be processed with organics and must be placed in general waste.

As mentioned, please respond to this email at your earliest convenience with any questions, concerns or resource requests. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Lauren McKechnie
Living Bin Champion  

FCRM Contact: Lauren McKechnie
e: [email protected]