Department of Health Advice – Lodge Preparation

During the Falls Creek Stakeholder Briefing on Monday 7th June, a query regarding lodge preparation was raised by a few stakeholders.  The query was regarding the ability for ski lodge committees to send members to Falls Creek Resort to undertake works and prepare lodges for the snow season.

Fall Creek Resort Management (FCRM) has received the below advice from the Department of Health (DoH).

lodge manager advice

Re-written for legability

Melbourne-based lodge managers ability to travel from Melbourne to maintain / prepare lodges under current restrictions.

  • lodges without managers usually have one or two members travel to the site to prepare the lodge for the season.
  • It is not relocating for the season, nor travelling to a secondary residence.
  • Lodges do not fall within the definition of as 'authorised work premises' as they are not work premises at which an authorised provider operates or an authorised worker performs work. If they were classified as 'authorised work premises' then essential maintenance would be allowed.
  • The activity is not, therefore:
    • one of the five allowed reasons to leave home in metro Melbourne
    • For an Authorised Provider or Worker (for 'critical repairs')
    • For emergency purposes (stay safe directions 10.1a)
    • For critical maintenance and safety works (RADs 12.22b)
  • As a non-essential activity, is is not allowed under the current Melbourne restrictions.

Please note this is a directive from the Department of Health and not a decision made by Falls Creek Resort Management.