New Funding Opportunities for Current Lockdown (July 2021)

The Victorian Government has announced new support programs for communities and businesses affected by the most recent restrictions and lockdown due to the Delta Strain of the Coronavirus.

A further injection of $282.4 million means that Victorian businesses and sole traders will now share in up to $484.3 million in additional support for the 12 days in which restrictions are announced

The existing Licenced Hospitality Venue Fund ensures that recipients will receive $4,200 taking the total payment to $7,200 and Business Costs Assistance Program recipients will receive an additional $2,800 increasing the total grant to $4,800.

The Victorian Government have recognised the hit that alpine hospitality, retail, accommodation, and experience operators have taken in the height of the season. Those businesses that were eligible for grants of up to $15,000 will receive an extra $3,000 through a fresh $1.2 million injection on top of any other entitlements through the Licensed Hospitality Fund or Business Costs Assistance Program.

Businesses that did not apply or were ineligible for the programs from the May/June lockdown, are welcome to apply for the new July lockdown support program. Those already eligible as a result of the May/June lockdown, will automatically receive the top-up.

The impacted Public Events Support Program has also received an extension and eligible public events and public events suppliers affected by the lockdown will receive up to $25,000 and $10,000.

The Live Performance Support Program will provide funding of up to $7,000 for presenters and up to $2,000 in grants for suppliers.

The Sporting Clubs Grants Program will provide regional areas and Metropolitan Melbourne with $2,000 in grants for community sport and active recreation organisation for events that have been unable to proceed or cancelled/postponed.

This announcement has also revealed that discussions with the Commonwealth Government have confirmed that a vast majority of microbusinesses not registered for GST will be eligible for the COVID-19 Disaster Payment of $600/$375 per seven-day period. The Victorian Government have also announced that they will establish a concierge service to help these businesses access this support.

Above listed funding support programs:

  • Business Costs Assistance Program
  • Licensed Hospitality Fund
  • Public Events Support Program
  • Live Performance Support Program
  • Sporting Clubs Grants Program

More information on business support programs can be found at: