Looking out for each other… Community Mental Health Support

To all Falls Creek community and stakeholders,

We are so sorry that we are facing another lockdown particularly during our peak season when we should be filling beds on mountain, directing guests to the best places to eat and helping our broader visitor community enjoy the time of their life in one of Australia’s premier alpine destinations. We know this is tough, on so many levels.

This is also the time that we need to look to one another for support, and please don’t be afraid to ask for help. Help can include calling a friend or checking in on a neighbour or seasonal staff who are away from families, who we know will be isolated. We live in a digital age, yet this often doesn’t ease the burden of lockdown. Falls Creek is more than just an alpine resort, it’s a community of incredibly dedicated individuals who care.

Free confidential specialist mental health support is available to you on the mountain at Falls Creek. No referral needed.

We are very lucky to have access to Albury Wodonga Health (AWH) Rural Outreach Service, so please share Darren’s number with your friends, family and colleagues, and also don’t be afraid to give him a call yourself, or access the 24/7 Outreach Triage number.

Darren 0408 110 739 or AWH Mental Health Triage service 1300 104 211 .

Kind Regards,
Georgie, Millie and Elise,
on behalf of Falls Creek Community Recovery Committee and Falls Creek Resort Management.