Falls Creek Resort Management have developed the Falls Creek COVIDSafe Resort Overview (CRO) provides details of the documented preparations, procedures and policies that will enable the Falls Creek Alpine Resort Management Board (FCARMB) to safely conduct operations in accordance with the easing of restrictions. The CRO is designed to ensure that FCARMB staff, mountain stakeholders and the public feels confident that their health and safety is being protected.

The objective of the Falls Creek Resort COVIDSafe Overview and Action Plan is to provide guidance and direction in relation to ensuring the resort and its stakeholders have implemented appropriate operational safety plans which comply with the Victorian state governments COVID-19 regulations.

As such this overview:

  1. Provides a framework for ensuring the safety of all people in the resort, through the awareness of this overview and action plans.
  2. Establishes who is responsible for providing COVIDSafe access in different areas in the resort through the comprehensive risk matrix and alignment to the Australian Ski Resorts COVID – 19 Operating Safely Plan.
  3. Identifies what activities will be implemented and/or facilitated for each of the 3-step approaches to recovery.
  4. Identifies who is accountable for site based activation and the development of COVIDSafe Plans (CSP) in each area of the resort and what measures are needed to mitigate risk.




Resources for Operators

COVIDsafe resources can be found in the Business Operations section of this website.


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