Attention Falls Creek Operators

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) are conducting coronavirus (COVID19) assessments of all sites in the alpine resorts.

They will be starting inspections at Falls Creek later this week. Be prepared for DHHS to contact you to arrange a time to meet. Sites that do not get visited in the near future will be inspected by DHHS when they return to the resort once the season is underway.

The inspections will be a very valuable tool for all operators to ask questions and seek guidance from experts that will help you set up appropriately for the season. Please make every effort to facilitate their visit to your site when contacted.


As preliminary information, attached are two documents that will help with the inspection:

  1. A self-assessment tool that you can use to make sure you have appropriate plans in place; and
  2. A site-assessment tool that DHHS will use when assessing all sites. This will give you a good idea as to what DHHS staff are looking for and what information you can provide them.


Please read the attached documents and make sure you are well on the way to implementing the coronavirus (COVID19) procedures and work practices.

To provide support for your business, a FCRM staff member will also be with DHHS.

As always, please contact FCRM if you require further information.

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